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We are willing to post details of any “news” items on the Noticeboard. Suitable topics or items include details of :

  • News of new or ongoing Research Projects
  • News of new or ongoing Education Programmes
  • News of new or ongoing Management Development Programmes

Vacant Posts/ Job Opportunities

Book Flyers:

Logistics and Retail ManagementL Emerging Issues and New Challenges in the Retail Supply Chain by John Fernie and Leigh Sparks, Kogan Page, 2009. 3rd Edition

International Retailing by Nicholas Alexander and Anne-Marie Doherty, Oxford, 2008.

Retailing Reader by John Dawson, Anne Findlay and Leigh Sparks (eds), Routledge, 2008.

Strategic Issues in International Retailing by John Dawson, Roy Larke and Masao Mukoyama (eds), Routledge, 2006.

Planning for Retail Development by Cliff Guy, Taylor & French, 2006.

Journal Special Issues

Individualism in Retailing Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management - due date 12th February 2010

European Retail Research volume 25' Call for papers for this annual publication - due date 31st August 2010

PhD Studentships